Q: What ages is the Hebrew school designed for?

A:  The school is for ages 5 through Bar/Bat Mitzvah.


Q: Do you have to belong to a synagogue to join the Hebrew school? Is there any membership required?

A: No, you do not have to belong to a synagogue and no membership is required. The school is independent. 


Q: Do children have to have any prior Hebrew knowledge or religious background to join your Hebrew school?

 A:  No. In fact our reading program is individualized in a way that children can join in at any time and learn on their own pace. We are also sensitive to the fact that the children may be from different religious backgrounds and our curriculum is designed make everyone feel included. 


Q: We heard feedback from some of the parents who actually joined different Hebrew schools before coming to yours.  Their kids were not happy, and after 2 or even 3 years of attendance they didn’t learn how to read Hebrew. They joined your Hebrew school and loved it!  After just one year of being with you, they are reading Hebrew, knowing the meaning of Holidays and many other things. What’s your secret? 

 A: There are many Hebrew Schools that encourage preparing for Bar Mitzvah as young as 9 years old. This approach is stressful and makes them feel that Hebrew school is another obligation. A lot of children don’t enjoy Hebrew School because of this.  We don’t do that. We let the child learn, explore, have fun and feel accomplished. Just enjoy the Jewish experience. You are not getting ready for a ceremony; you are getting ready for a Jewish life! When the child begins Hebrew School early on and masters the Hebrew language then when the time for Bar Mitzvah preparation comes it is easy for him.

Additionally, we use a successful curriculum called the Aleph Champ Program, which uses a martial arts-based color system to reward students and encourage them to want to pass to the next level of study. The students, there for, feel challenged to learn Hebrew better and faster, and still enjoy fun, singing and interactivity.


Q: Do families have to choose a specific synagogue for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Do you offer any options for them?

A:  Families can go to any Synagogue they wish.  If they would like to have us prepare the child and perform the ceremony, we offer one on one tutoring and our Rabbi can perform the ceremony.


Q: How do you see the future of the Alef Hebrew School?

A: We see a bright future where children will come back as adults to share their fun memories and experiences!